Bowen Dance

Bowen Dance

Come join us for fun
and exercise! Any level,
any age, any reason!

The Gwen Bowen School of Dance Arts offers a complete curriculum of courses for the beginning student through those of a professional calibre. Whether you're a young child, an adult beginner, or an advanced dancer all will receive only the finest in dance education. Proper academic instruction is essential in achieving the greatest possible results. Whether you are interested in self improvement, keeping physically fit or in a professional career, dance is an art everyone will benefit and enjoy!

Ongoing classes in tap, jazz, modern, ballet, pointe, hip hop and flamenco for adults and youth are available. Master classes are also avialable.

All instructors at the Gwen Bowen School of Dance Arts are certified professional teachers.

The age is now
April 21-30, 2006
Performance at South High School
Friday, April 29 at 7:00 pm
Arts for All contest winners announced there!

"Arts for All" and the PTA of Lincoln Elementary School are offering after school dance enrichment classes for kindergarden through 5th grade during 2006.

Now accepting registration enrollment. Scholarships & performance auditions are beginning.
Call for appointment.

Other events we've sponsored: Arts for All Dance, A Day of Dance, 50th Reunion, National Dance Week Activities



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